Regular Fit T-shirts (RT1)

small            86-91cm  (34-36")
medium     96-101cm  (38-40")
large        106-111cm  (42-44")
xl               116-121cm  (46-48")
xxl             126-131cm  (50-52")
xxxl           136-141cm  (54-56")


Fitted shirts (FS2)

Skinni Fit brand fitted shirts with a dual shoulder stripe

small          81-86cm  (32-34")   UK8-10
medium   91-96cm  (36-38")   UK12-14
large            101cm  (38-40")   UK14-16

Fitted shirts (FS3)

Mantis brand fitted shirts with a single shoulder stripe and contrast neck piping

small / medium         81-86cm  (32-34")    UK8-10
medium / large        91-96cm  (36-38")   UK12-14
extra large           101-106cm  (40-42")   UK16-18

Fitted Vests/Tank Tops (FV4)

Skinni Fit brand fitted vest

small        81-86cm  (32-34")     UK8-10
medium    91-96cm  (36-38")   UK12-14
large            101cm  (38-40")   UK14-16
extra large   106cm  (40-42")        UK16