UK Pride Events 

We had planned to see you all at Pride events around the UK in 2020. We didn't anticipate the world we knew would change so dramatically and go into Lockdown. Now, as the months click by in 2021, restrictions still prevent us from coming together to share spaces as we continue to celebrate and raising awareness of LGBTIQ+ rights.
Now, after over 25 years helping support Pride organisers around the UK, Shrinking Violet Designs will be continuing with our online shop but may not return to trade at Pride events. Contact us via the website nor follow us on social media for more information.

UK Pride Dates 2019
Oxford Pride - Saturday 1 June 
Bristol Pride - Saturday 13  July
Swindon & Wiltshire - Saturday 10 August
Brighton Pride - Saturday 5 August
Pride Cymru Cardiff - Weekend  23/24/25 August